My wonderland.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 

– Lewis Carroll.

Lets take a new path into the magical world of my fu**ed up and wonderful mind, shall we? I’ve given Anxiety too much of a spotlight on this blog. She doesn’t deserve it, so let’s take her down a few pegs for a while.

Lets get into the crazy, wonderful, colourful and sometimes dark world of my artwork. I know you may have read that sentence and thought, “Well, s**t a brick, this is going to be f***ing boring”; hmmm…, perhaps? Depends on what you find boring. I’m not going to sit here and make you feel like you’re in an educational setting, telling you all the ins and outs of how to create art, how art became a thing, and who the greatest artists so far in this world’s existence are. 

Nahhhhhhh, I’m going to delve into why I personally do what I do. The dark, the horror and negative drawings, to the sunshine and rainbows s**t… the latter being very rare. You guys like gore s**t way more than the “standard stuff” you crazy little hellions (you know who you are)! Anyway, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Why did I start art? Well, *rubs hands together* you know in films when you see a huge meteor coming to earth at a crazy speed, and all civilisation can see the burning ball of fire in the sky? To me, that ball of destruction and devastation was my teenage emotional trauma. How do you deter the destruction of everything you know? Well, that depends on the fictional scenario doesn’t it? Mine? I capture parts of the s**t ball (bad description) bit by bit and defuse it with art. Every part of the fiery mass contains a few emotions that are too powerful to explain in words, so drawing them… a breath of fresh air, easier to swallow, easier to understand and, in turn, easier to make other people understand. That’s if they can capture the correct emotions you’ve portrayed in your artwork. For instance, the illustrations for my Anxiety blogs. See where I’m going with this?

What I’ve noticed with my artwork, since drawing the gore and mental illness awareness pieces…drawing “standard” portraits is fu**ing harrrrd. You know how people always joke about artists being all “dark and brooding” HEYYY YO, I guess I fall into that stereotype. Hey, I’m not mad about it! I think some of my best work comes out when I’m all dark and brooding… HAHA, that terminology is ridiculous. Making up “happy drawings” is hard, because it isn’t how my brain is wired. Now, I know that sounds negative, and pitiful… but thats just who I am. I’m wired to be this way; I’m certainly not going to apologise for it. Yes, that makes me a grumpy, instantly pessimistic and so-in-touch-with-my-emotions, that sometimes I can be more of a curse-than-a-blessing person… but, I believe I wouldn’t be as good an artist or friend if I was different. Plus, if people cant handle me this way, then *middle finger*.

I relate to emotions more than anything; I work better when there’s a strong feeling behind the subject. I want people to have an emotional response to my work, as well as enjoying the art visually. Sometimes it’s so hard to feel something; sometimes you need to check into your emotions (whether it is willing or unwilling). So when people see my gore work and say, “F**k Dily, this is horrible!”,  I fu**ing LOVE it! I’m making you FEEL something! You may not like it, but I got you to feel something, didn’t I. You’re welcome, brain receptors. Daily workout is done for the day, sir. 

So welcome to the reasoning behind my crazy series of sickening portraits. It’s a rollercoaster ride, I will tell you that. So strap in tight, hold on for your life and enjoy the ride! 

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