“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

– Lewis Carroll.

“About me” sections are a curious thing, aren’t they? Can you really compartmentalise yourself soundly enough to actually express who you are through words? I find it hard to imagine that’s possible. Then again, I’m not well versed in the world of creative writing – so how would I possibly know?
I believe that actions speak louder than words (I know, I know…cue eye-roll) but the thing is, I could sit here and tell you how I view myself, but I think we all know that no matter how truthful you are when describing yourself, someone is almost always going to view you in a completely different way. So why waste time when I can show you?
So, welcome to my mind, a first class ticket into the crazy, wonderful and sometimes beautiful world of my imagination. My deepest fears, my highest highs, my lowest lows, with a little touch of make-believe thrown in for good measure.

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